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PLR Content – 22 Great Ways To Profit From Private Label Rights

There are many great ways to use PLR content. Here, in no particular order, are twenty-two different ways you can use your Private Label Rights content.

Build a Website with PLR and Flip it

  • One great way to use PLR content is to build out a website using WordPress and then flip it. For example, if you are in the health niche you can gather a variety of different health-related eBooks and split them up to create relevant pages on your new site. You could even edit the eBooks and add more information and offer them for sale as a unique health related eBook. As an upsell opportunity turn your new eBook into a video series. By using WordPress you can use freely available plugins to create a sales process on your new site. Have new graphics designed and tie everything together into a unique offer. Additionally, you can have the sites Social Media presence built and ready for its new owner.  Once you are ready, sell it on popular website marketplaces like Flippa or marketing forums like Warrior Forum.

Create a Niche Membership Site

  • One of my favorite ways to use PLR content is to develop niche membership sites. A membership site is a way to keep visitors returning time and again. You can offer a membership site for a one-time fee, or as a continuity product where the customer pays you on a regular basis. You can scour relevant content and come up with a unique offer. For example, if you are interested in the golf niche and have a wide variety of eBooks, Videos, Articles and other content you can use this content to build a unique website. By using the Private Label Rights content as a basis for your membership you can also add your own unique ideas and information to make it an even better opportunity. To keep people returning time and again you might wish to include interactive features such as a members forum. You can create a membership site quickly and easily using WordPress and a variety of freely available plugins.

Create a Mobile App

  • In the past few years, the Internet has truly gone mobile. Every smartphone has the Internet now and therefore building websites specifically for mobile users is very important to generate a great income. One way you can create your very own Mobile App is to build your website using WordPress and use a Mobile Responsive Theme. A mobile responsive theme will scale down or up depending on which device is viewing the website. This is easier than building a website specifically for a Mobile phone. In order to create your Mobile App there are many services out there that will allow you to turn your website into an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Amazon App and then have your App added to the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Create a Newsletter

  • The money is in the list. That is what every good marketer says and many of those say if correctly used a list can make you, on average, $1 per month from every subscriber. You can use Private Label Rights content to provide value to the subscribers on your list. One great way to use PLR content is to turn a 1,000-word chapter of a PLR eBook and include it in your newsletter. Edit it so that you can promote products within the content. You can monetize that article by including affiliate links or promote your own product.

Create a Physical Book, DVD or Audio CD

  • Turning an eBook, YouTube video or .mp3 into a tangible product you can ship to people can add considerable value to your offer. You can have your PLR content printed into a book or booklet. You can use software to turn your audio files and video files into Audio CDs and DVDs respectively. You can charge a premium price because the products are shipped directly to your customer's address. Another way to benefit from physical products is using them as lead generators. By providing your book, DVD or CD as a Free + Shipping offer you can create a high converting sales funnel.

Create a PLR Members Site or PLR Web Store

  • Creating a PLR Members Site or PLR Web Store can generate a regular income. Put yourself on specific PLR creators email list and be the first to offer the resell rights for different niche products. The best way to profit from your own Private Label Rights site is to focus on a specific niche, such as health, golf, diet, cooking, etc. There are many website creators who are looking for PLR content for their specific niche and will pay a premium to get that content on a regular basis. You can offer the products created by others or you can create your own. You could also hire someone to write a 10,000 word eBook on a certain topic and then have that turned into a video series. The more unique and niche your content the better.

Create a Video Tutorial

  • Developing a PLR article or eBook into a Video Tutorial increases the perceived value of the content. You can expand on the existing content with your own knowledge and experience. You can offer the video tutorial for sale or give to your visitors as a lead generator. You can also submit your video tutorial to various video directories like YouTube or Vimeo to gain backlinks to your website. You could even create a series of tutorials and offer them as a video course for an even higher perceived value. Plus you could turn them into a physical DVD product.

Create an Audio Series or Podcast

  • Most laptops have built-in microphone along with a webcam. You can use your laptop's inbuilt microphone to record a PLR article or eBook into a .mp3 which you can use to create an Audio Series. If you do not own a laptop with an inbuilt microphone you can purchase high-quality USB microphone or webcam with a microphone and use that. You can also edit your audio using software such as Audacity. As well as pre-recorded audio content you can also use Private Label Rights content as the basis for a live Internet radio show or podcast. With a live Internet radio show or podcast, you can expand on the original content and if your audience has questions you can answer them. This new content can be transcribed into a new eBook or article for your website.

Create an E-Course

  • PLR content can be used to create an eCourse, tutorial or class in your chosen niche. The eCourse could be paid or free for subscribers. You can create a website using WordPress and a plugin such as WPMUDEV‘s CoursePress Pro. This allows you to create any number of eCourses and offer them for sale. After each section, which could be video, audio or text, you can have a quiz and after the course is complete give them a certificate, all automated. You could also offer this for free, or create an eCourse using an autoresponder which your subscribers will receive each unit of the course over a period of time. This is also a great way to build a list.

Create Affiliate Bonus Packages

  • A lot of Internet marketers are generating a huge income promoting the latest and greatest Internet marketing products. Million dollar launches are happening nearly every week and some savvy marketers are using PLR content to create bonus packages to help them make thousands in commissions. One successful Internet marketer scours JV launch announcement websites for launches and asks the launch developer for review access. Then they create a blog post on their website that contains details of what is included in the launch. This is sometimes accompanied by screenshots and videos. They then use their affiliate link to persuade people to click through and generate them some nice commissions. To tip the balance in their favor the marketer offers a bonus package. Based upon the content of the launch the marketer can gather a variety of eBooks, Videos, and other content. Affiliate Bonus Packages can be used again and again in launches for other product launches. Additionally, you can also use the affiliate bonus packages as a bonus for your main product and raise your conversions.

Create Your Own Info Product

  • One of the main reasons PLR is such a great opportunity for all information entrepreneurs is the ability to use it as a base for your own info product. You could re-compile several Private Label Rights eBooks, articles, and other content into a new eBook. You can write a 20,000-word info product in a few days and that can be the basis for your next product. You could also turn that 20,000-word information product into a video series. You could also turn your eBook into a real book or your video into a DVD product using CreateSpace which allows you to publish your physical products on-demand, instead of having huge stocks of books and DVDs. You could also sell your eBook and/or video course through ClickBank or JVZoo. You could also go it alone and create your own website and operate your own affiliate and sales process. Shopping cart plugins and affiliate program plugins are available online. However, you could use plugins from WPMU DEV which are great.

Develop Google Adsense Websites

  • You can generate a nice monthly payment from Google if you create websites using PLR content and monetize them with advertising from Google Adsense. You could also use other advertising services such as BuySellAds. Turn eBooks into web pages and add the Google Adsense or other ad network code to the position you wish to utilize. If you use WordPress you could place the advertisements in the sidebar of your website. Certain themes such as Socrates, the theme I developed this website with, have special ad positions where you can include advertisements. As with any website you are developing I also recommend that you create these sites in the niche you are interested in. You can not only generate advertising revenue, but you can use them to promote your main product, this may be a membership site or course. Even include newsletter email list sign up form to increase your email list.

Develop Special JV Content Packages

  • Another great way to generate revenue and build your list is to arrange Joint Ventures with other Internet marketers and create amazing special packages of content. Recently one top Internet marketer pulled together 4-5 other marketers to create a package. They built a membership site with great content. Some of the content was rewritten PLR content. They created videos of relevant information and PDFs for people to follow along and print out. They then contacted some of the best affiliate marketers to promote the new membership site to their list. The launch generated over seven figures in revenue.

Learn and Use the Information from the PLR Content Yourself

  • There is some great Private Label Rights content available that can help you learn a topic in any niche market. Maybe you are interested in Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing or need to learn how to set up a WordPress website. There are thousands of PLR packages that you can learn from. Why not learn from the content and then review it and recommend it to others for an additional revenue source.

Rewrite PLR Content and Submit to Article Directories

  • We all need more traffic and backlinks and you can rewrite Private Label Rights content into articles and submit them to article directories. Article directories are great ways to generate traffic and backlinks. Also for really good articles websites will use the content for their site and include your resource box with your backlinks, use a maximum of two. I would avoid automatically spun content for article directories since they will make not a lot of sense to the reader and won't pass verification. However, if you use a semi-automated browser plugin called ‘Grammarly for Chrome‘ to help you correct the grammar of your articles and content it may make automatically spun articles readable.

Sell PLR Products

  • If you do not want to spend time rewriting and changing PLR products you can still sell them via your website or on directories, forums, eBay and Amazon. However, many people sell PLR packages at an extremely low price thinking that it is more important to sell cheap in order to generate revenue from Private Label Rights product sales. It may be better to carry out some rewriting and editing of the content as well as changes to the front cover image, sales page if the PLR package comes with it in order to stand out from the crowd. You can then charge a significant premium.

Translate PLR Content into New Languages

  • In order to reach a new audience, you can have PLR products translated into other languages. The top ten spoken languages in the world are Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese and Punjabi/Lahnda. You can either have these professionally translated by seeking a translator on or you can use an automated computerized translation software. However, if you opt for a software product make sure you translate your document and then translate it back, seek any grammar issues and correct them and then retranslate them. You will then have a better flowing translation.

Use PLR Content for Sales Email Sequence

  • Building an email list is one of the most important things to do as an Internet marketer. You can use Private Label Rights content to fill out your autoresponder email sequence. As part of a sales email sequence, you can include valuable content that your readers can use to help them with their problem. You can also embed links and sell your main products and services. Since there are a plethora of different PLR products available you can create several different sales email sequences and since they are automated, these autoresponders can make you money for a long time to come.

Use PLR Content to Create Press Releases

  • Another way to use PLR content is to use it within Press Releases. Press Releases are a great way to gather quality backlinks and targeted traffic to your website. You can then submit your press release to services such as PRWeb. Your press release can be seen by thousands of people and shared across the Internet if your story is interesting. Within some press releases, you can include videos, attachments, and images and improve engagement.

Use PLR for Website Content

  • Break up eBooks and reports into articles and blog posts to flesh out your websites. If your content is a video you can also use an automatic transcription service to transcribe the video. You can then edit it manually and use a plugin like Grammarly to fix up your article so its an excellent source of information for your visitors. Additionally, there are hundreds of thousands of PLR articles available online in all types of niches that you can use as great content for your website. Just be sure to rewrite the articles in your own style to avoid problems with duplicate content.

Use PLR to Create a Webinar or Online Seminar

  • Webinars and Online Seminars are huge at the moment. People are hosting webinars every day on all kinds of topics. One way you can save time is to turn your PLR content into a Webinar or Online Seminar. The content can be turned into PowerPoint slides and you can use them in your presentation in order to give the webinar subscriber a lot of value before you enter your sales pitch for the product or service you are offering.

Use the Content for Lead Generation

  • You can give away PLR content as a gift to your new list. By creating a lead generation page you can give the content to new subscribers as a free gift. Within the PLR content such as an eBook, Video or email series you can promote your products and services. Plus since the money is in the list you can also promote targeted products to your lists to generate extra revenue. Remember a good rule of thumb for a high-quality list is that you can earn $1 per month per subscriber. It's not guaranteed, but you could earn thousands of dollars per month with your own targeted lists just by giving away free niche content.

There you are, 22 great ideas for you to profit from PLR content. If you combine several of those ideas into your next project you stand a better chance of generating a great income from Private Label Rights.